Initially, I mistook WFH to be WTF. Even about a month back, I thought WFH was a typo. When I started working from home from the 16th March I could not think of a worse idea than this. With time, however, I have gotten used to it and now enjoying it. ‘WFH’ has had some notable changes in my life.

Please do not take me wrong, I am equally scared of the pandemic and want it to get over. I know things have been really sad and disoriented for the whole world. …

A homepage where you eat like you are eating for the last time.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” Charles M. Schulz

A buffet
A buffet
Photo by Ulysse pcl on Unsplash

I am suffering from an upset stomach while writing this article. This has always been a problem for a foodie like me. Yes, I am a self-proclaimed foodie and I love buffets. Why do I like them? Well, mainly they are unlimited and I get to pick and choose. In an ala carte dining experience, I do get to choose that one dish which will be made especially for me…

Editing my me.

Birthdays and anniversaries do not like me too much! I find them to be a scam (other than mine, of course; especially the ones where I am getting the gifts). I am that guy who is always trying to look up for a gift at the last moment, something that works my appetite and fits my budget. But, the pen which writes my luck smoothly seems to be permanently missing. Missing the bus is a regular aspect of my life; however, thanks to the Internet of Online Gods, for they are still delivering flowers and cakes at 3 AM (while…

For Students and Young Professionals

Photo by Matheus Martins from Pexels

The moment you get a brief, you have a client. The process from getting the brief to delivering a project is what a web designer needs to look at. This is my journey and process into the world of web design.

Strategizing — Starting with the Science

An understanding of different stakeholders

Every website is done/owned by somebody or some group. Also, every platform has (or at least starts with) a target client. Both the parties as well as any third party like a delivery team, service team etc. should be taken into account and studied. …

An integral part of UX.

Photo by Rajas Chitnis on Unsplash. Animation by me.

We urbanikars come across almost 100,000 people in our entire lifetime. That roughly accounts for meeting at least 4–5 new people per day (Hyman, 2020). As a designer, I cook visual updates and react to inspirations from my daily life.

Photograph of tea in the cup by FOODISM360 on Unsplash

The process of steeping is actually allowing the dried tea leaves to open up which allows the leaves to lose their extracts in the hot water thus impacting the aroma and taste of the tea. The extracts are vitamin and mineral-rich thus caring for your health while you enjoy your cup of tea.

While India sees a new generation shifting from chai to green tea, quite certainly the pandemic has had a deep impact on our lifestyles. We have suddenly gone through a paradigm shift in our lifestyle and culture. With medicine shops running out of Vitamin C we are…

Abhrojit Boral

A designer, UX UI creator, researcher & an academician!

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